Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Idiot ?'s in the Washington Press Corps

9:45 AM 07/18/06Listening to Tony Snow (live) on Fox News------- I am expecting the liberal left news media (some idiot reporter or editor) to blame the Bush administration, (Katrina style) for not evacuating American citizens out of Lebanon in a manner befitting their expectations.

Editors note: (I will save space here for the diatribes)
Extra! I forgot liberal polititions......Nancy Pelosi wants Bush to help pay for the exodus when her party (when in control) voted for legislation not allowing this procedure by the government. Sweet Nancy voted in favor. This report just came from the desk of Brit Hume live.

Helen Thomas wants to know why the U.S. has not called for a cease fire. Earth to Helen- send someone over and ask Hezbolots the same question.

Another reporter just asked if this (the conflict by Isreal) is isolating Iran and Syria. Duh! Not only should this be isolation, these two countrys should be under the microscope to see where this "pandemic" is being created.

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