Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Israel has had Enough

The country of Israel has been stung enough for far too long and has bitten back like a tiger swatting a rat.

It is being reported on Fox that Israel has bombed the Beruit Airport.

This could be the "definition" the world has been searching for to end terrorism, or at least bring it the shameful sin it is, because only the scum of the earth are terrorist.

Updates coming:

Israelis Expand Attacks on Lebanon After Hezbollah Rebels Kidnap Two Soldiers Thursday,

July 13, 2006 BEIRUT, Lebanon — Israeli forces intensified their attacks in Lebanon on Thursday, imposing a naval blockade on the country and pounding its only international airport and the Hezbollah TV station in Israel's heaviest air campaign against Lebanon for 24 years.
Fox News via AP

Report: Al Qaeda Claims to Have Kashmir Wing, Applauds Train Bombings
July 13, 2006

SRINAGAR, India - A man claiming to represent Al Qaeda told an Indian news agency on Thursday that the terror network had set up a wing in Kashmir and appealed to Indian Muslims to take up jihad.

Muslims who "take up jihad" are in for a rude awakening. The West and (hopefully) most European Nations will not tolerate this. No civilizeded nation should practice indiscriminate slayings of humans for an ideology or a religion. The global war on terrorism just took a giant step forward. I think those who woke up the sleeping giant (Israel) have lobbed their last rocket into that country without feeling the full wrath of a formally patient nation.
And if Iran is funding these attacks, they may want to think about ducking into a shelter.

The "shouting" is over.

JeanneB, a commenter over at CQ ask some interesting questions:

"Captain Ed:Do you think it's a coincidence that N. Korea drummed up a crisis at the same time Israel's enemies were provoking war---not to mention the deadline facing Tehran?
Two weeks ago Iran faced a looming deadline to respond to the West's proposal. Wouldn't Iran benefit significantly from the opportunity to observe how China/Russia would respond to N. Koreaaggressionon? Why do we never hear any speculation that the NK provocation was coordinated with Iran and timed to distract the world from Tehran's intransigence?
Then add the simultaneous provocations of Israel on two fronts, both of which have Iranian backing. All of this is happening at the exact time Iran was given to answer the proposal on its nuclear program.

Looked at this way, it's hard not to conclude that Iran is pulling the strings and creating worldwide threats meant to obscure its refusal to cooperate.President Bush lumped Iran and N. Korea in an "Axis". I've always thought they collude to create multiple fronts for the U.S. to deal with. (Will Chavez create the next "crisis"?).

I would appreciate your input on this. Did Iran plan these simultaneous crises in N. Korea and Lebanon/Palestine with the goal of softening the impact of its refusal to disband its nuke program?"

Scott Johnson at Powerline has "A four-cornered hypothesis" on the events unfolding.

Number One:

Minneapolis attorney Andrew Jacobson connects the dots among current events in Israel's neighborhood:

1. Iran is trying to build a bomb and moving fast in those efforts. Who knows how long it will take, but the Manhattan project took us less than 4 years, starting from scratch and without computers or prior technology. Difficult to believe that it will take Iran (which has already been working on this program for a number of years) 10 more years to complete. I just have no faith that the Iranians are that dumb.

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