Tuesday, July 04, 2006


From Powerline:
I went to the trouble of making a mini-podcast of the portion of today's Meet the Press where Bill Bennett appeared along with Dana Priest of the Washington Post, Bill Safire, and others, talking about the LA and NY Times' outing of the terrorist finance tracking program. It is an appalling conversation. Bennett is the only one who makes any sense; Safire plays an especially dishonorable role. And Dana Priest gets in an outrageous cheap shot against Bill which demonstrates, once again, why the words "liberal" and "mean-spirited" go hand in hand.

Please go and listen to this audio.

Follow-up: Bill Bennet's conversation with Jonah Goldberg and the state of the MSM/Elite Media:

Is it suprising to anyone that the "media-elite" has taken it upon themselves to decide what is to be considered classified. Can this "hate-Bush-at-all-cost" include sacrificing the security and safety of this nation for purely political reasons? Because their "in the publics interest" stance doesn't hold water in my opinion. And neither does "the terrorist already knew this" and it was "no secret".

Patterico has an excellent post on the "not a secret" stance the NYT's has taken here.

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