Saturday, August 05, 2006

Agreement Reached with Bolton,France

U.S., France Agree on Draft Cease-Fire Resolution to End Mideast Violence
Saturday, August 05, 2006

UNITED NATIONS — The United States and France agreed Saturday on a draft U.N. Security Council resolution that calls for an end to the fighting between Israel and Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas, but would allow Israel to defend itself if attacked, officials said. U.S. Ambassador John Bolton and French President Jacques Chirac's office confirmed that agreement had been reached.

An official with knowledge of the document said the draft calls for a "full cessation of violence" between Israel and Hezbollah, but would allow Israel the right to launch strikes if Hezbollah attacks it.

"It does not say immediate cessation of violence," the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the draft had not yet been made public.

That appeared to be a major victory for the U.S. and Israel. France and many other nations had demanded an immediate halt to the fighting without conditions as a way to push the region back toward stability.

"We're prepared to continue to work tomorrow in order to make progress on the adoption of the resolution but we have reached agreement and we're now ready to proceed," Bolton said. "We're prepared to move as quickly as other members of the council want to move."

Now can some one tell me how a recess-appointed "bully" can find a way to get an agreement with France to bring about a peace process? Jean-Claud-Kerry must be really scratching his head.

UPDATE: My (belated) blogroll addition of the Belmont Club has some of the best commenters on this "Franco-American" deal.

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