Thursday, August 31, 2006

State of Our Nation

Evaluating the present administration and the future of our nation.

While our President continues to fight for us against an ideology that intends on ending our way of life, our democratic "friends" on the left believe it is time for a "change in direction". Many have argued that this country is in part responsible for the strife that has evolved thruout the middle east since President Bush took office in 2000. While there may be valid points that this situation has escalated during our current presidents terms, there is plenty of evidence to substantiate that this corrupted ideology has been developing/evolving for decades. While our national security is in a critical state at this time, and no one knows when we will be attacked again, it is inevitable that it will happen. On what scale, and what form of an arsenal that will be used, one can only guess.


When the political pendulum began to swing in 1994 with the "Contract with America", conservatives took control of the house, then the senate, and eventually the presidency. While we could spend hours of debate on how and why the nation swung to the right, I believe that each political ideology on both the left and the right went (strongly) in two different directions. While the democratic party has been reeling from their loss of power that they maintained for the better part of forty years, and a portion of that party moved radically to the left, republican conservatives embraced their newfound position in many ways that moved the nation further to the right.

To make matters worse, each time that President Bush was elected, the left has made accusations that were beyond reasonable peoples beliefs. The snake-oil the democrats will try to sell this November will be that some how the Presidents foreign policy has made this nation less safer and (with no plan of their own except cut and run) the left believes we need to change direction.They seem to think that the road to security is thru appeasement and more diplomacy. And that is exactly how we got here in the first place.

We can go back to Jimmy Carter and the 444 days of hell Iran put us through, that show the weakness of a party who preferred to talk. How many times under Clinton have we had agreements with North Korea, Palestinians, and others only to have those "promises" broken simply because we had no teeth. The democratic party wants us to continue to embrace the United Nations and their pathetic excuse for a security force, and the results have been nothing but failure after failure.

While the conservatives on the right, (and many moderate democrats), understand that we are in a global war against a corrupted ideology who's ONLY goal is to exterminate us, our democratic "friends" on the left are determined to regain the power they lost, bring all the troops home and wait for the terrorist to come to a city near you. And this is what they claim is a "change in direction" .

If we drink this "snake-oil" in November, it may well be the poison apple we may never be able to recover from. Can you say "Allah-Amerika"


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