Tuesday, June 13, 2006

President Bush in Iraq

Breaking News

According to Fox News, President Bush is in Iraq

Bush is expected to stay in Iraq for five hours only, where security precautions are tightly executed in a precarious venue. Even the president's arrival was cautiously orchestrated. Air Force One landed at a semi-deserted airstrip a good distance away from the main terminal in Baghdad. Bush and his crew then boarded a convoy of Nighthawk passenger helicopters to take them about seven minutes to the center of the city.

Everyone on the helicopters was in body armor except for the White House aides, who wore business suits but no armor. Bartlett had earlier said the president would not wear body armor. In the Green Zone, a line of Suburbans and other SUVs waited for the short drive to the Republican Palace, a 1950's-era building which is now part of the U.S. Embassy compound.

It was also reported that there was a bus-load of Reporters heading to Camp David for a press conference at the same time GW was landing in Bagdad. One can only wonder if the bus turned around or how many got off the bus.

With the President in Iraq to welcome the new government completed, Z-Man expired, and Karl Rove not indited, (positive outcomes all), the mood of Republican Party has to be uplifting.

Update: Vile postings at Huffington and DU (links intentionally not provided) One poster shamefully suggusted that the President catch and IED on the trip. I'll save these for November.

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