Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Gitmo Overblown

The continuing saga of the state of the enemy combatants at Gitmo seems to roll with the ebb of the news cycle. When the MSM can't find (or look for) worthy news, they bring out a "new" accusation of mistreatment.

Ed Morrissey at Captains Quarters, (while mending a ruptured back), posted a story about an Afghan delegation that spent over a week at Gitmo and found little to complain about:

A delegation from Afghanistan spent ten days at the US detention center in Guantanamo Bay and pronounced conditions at the facility humane

Ed puts the recent suicide of three detainees in perspective:

"This is no different than at any other American prison; suicide rates in prisons are three times higher than among the general population, and ten times higher in pre-trial detention facilities. We do not shut down our jails and prisons because inmates in either place sometimes commit suicide, and that should not be a determinative factor in Giitmo's status either."

I added (in the comment section) that perhaps the three who took their lives wanted to join the Z-man (Abu Musab al Zarqawi ) in la la land, and suggested that they all get put on suicide watch when OBL assumes room temperature.

The idea of closing Gitmo is insane (at this time), and a reporter just now ask President Bush at a WH news conference the same idiot question. Holding her pen and pad, she is writing nothing during Bush's response. (Like she was going to change her feeble mind) The MSM marches on in their quest to put the left back in power with no regard for the safety and security of this nation. Sad

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