Thursday, June 15, 2006


The writing is on the wall, and the left are there too. Does it seem every time positive things happen in Iraq, (Z-man eliminated, Iraqi Government completed, Iraqi troop levels increasing) the democrats start screaming "exit strategy", like clockwork.

The domocratic party desperately needs to get some credit for US troop levels that may get reduced before November because of the positive things that are happening in Iraq. It's not going to work.They just can't shake the "soft on national security" or for that matter "soft on world security" label.

Flip-floppin' Kerry now says he was wrong to vote for the regime change in Iraq. We can now assume that had Mr. Kerry won the presidency in 04, he most likely would have bowed to the party and bailed on the Iraqi people, leaving the likes of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in power and an intire country nothing but a terrorist haven for future attacks on our homeland.

Even old "country Joe Wilson" can't help but bash the this administation by claiming we should negotiate with the terrorist:

Washington, D.C. ( - Former U.S. Ambassador Joseph Wilson, whose wife was at the center of a CIA leak case that led to the indictment of Vice President Cheney's top aide, argued Wednesday that the U.S. needs to bring Iraqi insurgents and their "foreign patrons" to the conference table for negotiations. (CNSNEWS)

And then here's another flip-flopper Wilson and his cronies declared at their "take back america" conference:

Several organizations passed around informal pledges asking conference attendees to promise not to vote for a candidate in the 2006 election who does not support an immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq. But Wilson implied that for political reasons, he does not support an immediate withdrawal. "Talk of a strategic withdrawal is the wrong discussion to have at this time," he said. "We're in there; people are dying." (CNSNEWS)

So, there you have it. Politics as usual is the driving force behind the democratic party. They could give a rats-ass if a new free democratic nation may get the opportunity to become stable.

Just bring them troops home now so we can cut the defense buget and raise your taxes.

Oh, and they need to be in power to start their impeachment hearings.

This is our strategy? I don't think so. "Take Back America"? We have never lost it. Unless your a democrat.

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