Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Death and Taxes

Dana over at Common Sense Political Thought has an excellent post on the current status of the tax structure here in the U.S.

"It seems to me that one of the bigger problems conservatives face is that they have lost control of the language."

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My notepad some how got messed up or (most likley) I didn't do the right format, and my comment got spread out like locust across a wheat field. In the interest of saving face, I am posting my comment here. Please read Dana's full post first. It's a good one!

Careful Dana..........even moderate Democrats like to keep their money in their own pockets. But the mindset is (by Dems standards) that it is the responsibility of the government to care for the needs of those who have chosen to rely on the programs and entitlements that have been created in the past 40 years. A whole portion or our society has been sucked into this dependency. Half the power of the democratic party has relied on this formula for getting elected and for the most part been in control of the money.

Fortunatly, a prosprous nation (lately) has more people (on the left and the right) asking the same question. Why should we give our hard earn dollars to those who refuse to work (at least) as hard as I do, and be given a free ride. The democratic party has preyed on these people for generations to keep them in power in the name of compassion. To that I say "bullshit" and "enough".

Why should a portion of our society get up in the morning and go to work when under our current set of programs that created this dependency allows some to sit home and recieve a check from our government?

Don't get me wrong here. There are always circumstances beyond our control (Katrina, unexpected injury or unforseen circumstances where, as a compassionate society we need to help. I'm all for that.

But punishing those who have worked all of their lives to get ahead and provide comfort for themselves, only to have a system that says "you didn't earn this, or you need to give a major portion of your wealth to those who choose not to help themselves is pure and simple communism.

Re-distrubution of wealth and the power to control it has always been the heart of the democratic party.

And "greedy" conservatives know it. Moderate Democrats too.

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