Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cut and Run Debate

The Senate Democrats are a bunch of spineless idiots. I've listened to about three hours of the Iraq war"debate" on the floor of the Senate. The only conclusion I can come to is that the safety of this nation best be left in the hands of the Republican Party. Period.

John (I'm a loser) Kerry spent much of an hour trying to convince some one that we need to involve the world of public opinion to prosecute this war. He thinks we also need to set a date or timeline for troop withdrawal. Nothing would give the insurgents/terrorist more pleasure than to take a "training sabbatical" from killing and wait for that "date" when our troops are gone.

Ten million Iraqis go to the polls, form a new government, just finished completing the last two critical cabinet positions, are just getting up to speed and troops levels to join in the fight for their liberty, and you have the likes of Murtha and Kerry wanting to abandon them for purely political purposes.

Tony Snow on staying the course: "The president understands people's impatience -- not impatience but how a war can wear on a nation. He understands that. If somebody had taken a poll in the Battle of the Bulge, I dare say people would have said, 'Wow, my goodness, what are we doing here?' But you cannot conduct a war based on polls.

"Here's the funny thing. They were doing polls during WWII, and it turns out the public was pretty darned supportive of FDR and the war--about 70% approval, in fact. Go figure."

Go figure this lostkos kids. If this country had the full support for prosecuting this war from a majority of the left and the right, instead of using their hatred for Bush, and if our elected officials in the democratic party ever decide not to put politics ahead of the safety of this nation, our troops may have been home last Christmas. But what do we expect from spineless idiots?

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