Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bailout Achieved......Proud Moment in this New Socialist Society

Congratulations go out to our "new direction" congress that has managed to put their collective fingers in the whole of a dam while the sides are falling in around them. While the politicians can now go home, (and attempt to explain how this bailout is a "good thing" for middle America), regular working taxpayers have to be scratching their heads over what just occurred. Two weeks ago Pelosi and Reid "took a pass", (failed on a fourth and one for you football fans), on passing any energy legislation that could have opened up a resurgence of an industry that has been buried in environmental and special interest litigation for thirty years. Seventy percent of the folks in this nation were in favor of opening up offshore drilling and the "all of the above" inclusion of alternative energy ideas to get us off of the 700 billion a year dependence on foreign supply. Where was the outrage in the mainstream media? They were too busy wondering if Sarah Palin is not elite enough to fit their warped view of a new socialist America. With the prices at the gas pumps still sucking the hard earned dollars out of our pocket books, our government, (yes, from Bush all the way down to the last staff member in both houses) shoves another 700 billion dollar tax bill down the throats of the electorate. And now they're coming home to ask for your vote. The "restructuring" of the financial markets should be preceded by an over-all restructuring of the mentality in Washington that has returned us to the welfare status of the Carter years. And to think it only took two years of Democrat control to get us into a condition of relying on the government for our every need. (Conservatives also have contributed to this run-away spending in the name of social equality that has put the fiscal burden on the backs of the taxpayers.) When does it end? Maybe a financial breakdown on Wall Street would be a healthy way for all of these big spenders to get back to where they can live within the means of real capital without the governments "extension of credit" / BAILOUT. When your legislators come home, let them know that you're not very proud of any "accomplishments" they plan to brag about------there aren't any.

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