Friday, September 26, 2008


Why the Deal was never a deal----------

Timeline: Thursday, September 25th (sometime in the middle of the day)

Six Democrat Leaders step up to the cameras and a slew of reporters. Without even consulting or even asking House Republicans if they had ANY input into this financial crisis, these dipshit six stake their claim that "we have a deal". While not following the Dems favorite style of governing, (by reading the polls of the electorate and "us common folks") ----- and totally ignoring a body of House Republicans that were collectively united in their resolve to NOT rush this proposal, (and had some ideas of their own on how to fix this mess), these SIX ARROGANT DEMOCRATS precluded themselves by making the bold, (and erroneous) statement that "We have a deal".

On the political side, our mainstream media morons and many Democrats are attempting to frame this stalemate as a McCain induced debacle. Nothing could be further from the truth. John McCain was probably on board with the Bush/Paulson/Dem-majority plan until he was made aware that the House Republicans were being shut out of the process AGAIN. This has been standard procedure ever since the Democrats took over the House and the Queen Bee, (Nancy Pelosi) and her "new direction" fantasy. When ANY major legislation is introduced in the House, Republicans are not allowed to offer amendments, offer any alternative bill, and all "rules" are suspended. Compromise is not even considered. So much for reaching across the isle to reach a consensus.

With the overwhelming majority of the electorate, (and the "folks"), on the side of the House Republicans on this issue of an unrestricted and unfettered bailout to a bunch of greedy fat-cat bankers, speculators, and hedge funders, Ms. Pelosi and the Democrats are the ones who are in the corner of the room knee deep in doo doo. It might be advisable for them to listen, (for a change), to the taxpayers of this country------and the not-so-silent House Republicans that are doing their job-------representing those "folks" that elected them.

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., said the White House meeting was thrown off course when participants were blindsided by a new "core agreement" that emerged in the meeting that not many had seen before.



Charlie Gasperino (spellcheck last name) on CNBC this morning: "The average folks don't understand this crisis". Yes Charlie, they really do!

When one Democrat leader was being interviewed on CNBC this morning, the question was asked, "what are your emails looking like on the support for this bailout?". Answer: 50/50 ----- 50% NO----50% HELL NO.

Unchecked Rumor: Democrats had inserted into the plan that 20% of the funds returned from the bailout would be allocated to a housing fund. And Acorn was mentioned as a benificerary in this??????

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey at Hot Air thinks we’re having a financial crisis in ten minutes. Ed also substantiates the Acorn addition to the bailout.

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