Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain Suspends Candidacy.........MSM, Liberals Hardest Hit

Which of these two actions would you call leadership: Having a House Majority Leader claiming that restoring the ban on offshore drilling is a top priority next year, or having a Presidential candidate suspend his campaign to return to his job in Washington to help prevent the nations biggest financial crisis since the great depression?

Yesterday, over strong objections from the Obama camp and the mainstream media, John McCain decided to suspend his campaign to focus all of his energy and leadership qualities on the nations critical financial crisis that could send this country, (and possibly the world), into economic chaos. Once again, the Maverick has proven that "putting his country first" is not just a campaign slogan, but, by his actions, has shown the leadership that can certainly be called Presidential.

Meanwhile, the liberal mainstream media climbed on board the mantra that McCain's actions throws their schedule of manipulating the Presidential campaign into further chaos. While McCain is insisting that both sides of the isle must come together to put a non-partisan bill together to solve a national crisis, Obama and his whining band of cohorts are crying about a postponed debate that was supposed to have been held in Mississippi on Friday with the subject of the debate on foreign policy and national security issues. It should be mentioned that, since the end of the primarys, McCain has invited Obama to join him in numerous town hall debates, (where the general public would be allowed to ask questions), and Obama has declined.

With congress rejecting the initial White House and Paulson proposition, this nation would be best served if Barack Obama and John McCain resumed their jobs in Washington to pass this bill. Critical provisions need to be written into this bill to protect the taxpayers from inheriting a burden that our children and grandchildren would have to pay. Oversight, and yes, regulatory measures must also be written into this legislation to prevent these run-away practices of granting unsecured and unqualified loans. "Finger pointing" and fixing the blame on who caused this crisis must be put on hold to allow a bipartisan resolution to put the financial sector of our economy back on track. John McCain knows where his priorities are when a crisis arises of this magnitude by putting his campaign on hold and putting the needs of his country first. If the liberal mainstream media and Barack Obama don't understand this form of leadership, maybe they should go back to the drawing boards to examine who comes first.

Update: Bill Clinton agrees with McCains "good faith" in pulling out of debate. (via Hot Air)

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