Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never Forget
On this day, seven years ago, the security of this nation was rocked from its foundation by an ideology that threatened the liberty and freedom that so many of us took for granted. The threat did not come from any one nation or military force that had any distinction or uniform, but a well organized group of Islamic militants who’s soul purpose is to end our way of life by any means necessary. Their Caliphate does not recognize or use conventional rules of engagement. Collateral damage is not considered relevant under their rules and no life is more sacred to their cause. They are a determined enemy of western civilization, and yet today they have been marginalized by a more determined resolve with more than four thousand souls who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and thousands more who have been permanently injured. Three thousand Americans perished on 9-11-2001 and our Commander in Chief has been determined to not allow this tragedy to happen again on our shores. Strategist say there is a probability of an attack of this magnitude, (or worse), happening again in the near future, but apparently not on George W. Bush's watch. We can all pray that our next President does not take our enemies for granted, or allow our defenses to relax into another false sense of security. In a short seven years, this nation has liberated two nations from tyranny and on fragile ground they have become allies to the west. We must not allow this success to fail by any means that would allow our enemies to re-group in strength. Too many have paid the ultimate price to get to this point in a fight we are winning. Only John McCain seems to understand this resolve with little submission. All other challengers appear to be using these wars to advance their political stature with little or no regard for our national security. Simply bringing all of our troops home will not put an end to the threat that will surely follow us back to our shores. Let us never forget that fateful day of Sept. 11th. And we should have the resolve to not let it happen again.

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