Sunday, January 21, 2007


What a difference a week makes. Last week I was humming along with the pace picked up by my involvement in our local music festival. Getting the 2007 data bases updated and sending out the driver recruitment forms. All of this would have been completed by last Wednesday, but another "driver" had a different idea. My personal PC decided the hard-drive would take a powder. Now's when you realize how good your back-up tools are, and mine were bad. Lost are many programs, (and some memory) that will be missed for some time. On the other hand, the new hard-drive, (Maxtor 160 gigs), I picked up at Staples for $59.00, has just Windows XP Home and some security software loaded in. And now the pc is like a virgin-------chock full of nothing and plenty of room to grow. I purchased an 80 gig external hard-drive last year and fortunately had some "stuff" saved on it. 99% of my pictures and my music were saved in this file.

(note to the computer geeks------downloading drivers and updates for all functioning hardware is crucial when configuring a new OS. Anti-virus software should follow asap.)

Just to add insult to the week, the day I got the system back up------ some one severed our main fiber-optic cable, (yes, cable is the fastest----right up to the point where it's cut), and I was without Internet capabilities for a day and a half. I'm sure there are many other steps that I skipped through or have missed. Any and all reformation idea's will be appreciated.

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