Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dems in Political and Moral Denial

This is my response at Captains Quarters to some of the comments by the leftards who seem to think this whole war on terrorism is Bush's war:

What our friends on the left fail (or care not) to understand is that this declared war on terror is not about George W. Bush. It's about this nation and other free democracies long term survival and the real threat that is upon us.

It's quite simple-------if you came to a fork in a road and one sign read "this way to heaven" and the other sign read "this way to hell", if President Bush suggested you go down the heavenly path, our BDS friends would choose the path to hell out of blindness and spite. And their refusal to see the real threat that this 21st century jihadism has declared against free people of the west, will be written in the history books (memory chips) destined for incineration.

Why Skip valiantly waste his time attempting to pursued or convince the blind monkies of the world who refuse to see this threat, is beyond me. The glass houses (bubbles) they live in will be crushed soon enough if we are not successful in this battle. And they will ask, "why do they want us exterminated" and "why didn't we see this as a real threat to our civilization"?

And why didn't these "Islam's of peace" understand our appeasement efforts to live as one?" For over thirty years this ideology has had one goal and one goal only------to end our way of life as we know it. They have learned to use the propaganda tools of a puppet media. And they smell the divisions this nation is in between the peace-monkeys and the realist. Of course, to the looney left, this is all George Bush's fault for this quagmire. To them our "imperialist aggression" has stirred the hornets nest, and this conflict would never have had to happen if we had simply remained in our isolated, (bubble mentality).

My father, as a United States Marine, survived the perils of Guadalcanal, (one of the bloodiest battles of WWII), and so many died to preserve the freedoms we take for granted in these days of blissful isolationism. (and yes, the Germans never attacked us), yet tens of thousands sacrificed their lives so that the west could remain free. And when 3000+ of our brave souls have given their lives to preserve our freedom we so cherish, the anti-war-peace-monkies cowardly turn their backs on the fallen------and blame this on Bush. How simple is that?

I fear that this nation has lost it's stomach to fight for our liberties, and too many do not see this as a threat to our survivability. When, (not if), one of our citys is attacked and millions are dead, will the hater's of Bush still be so blind to this battle? Probably.

There will be no solace for the "Skips" of our world to say "I told you" or "now the monkie is on your own back"----- and he's reading the Koran in your ear.

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