Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The State of the Union (according to Hollywood)

Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild, Academy award nominations, Academy Awards............ can these people get any more "full" of themselves? It seems like every year, for the first three months we get the "look at me" Hollywood crowd patting themselves on their backs. And the fact that most of the calendar year only 10% of these "actors" are working in their elite world of make-believe.

And that's just the movies..........then we get the Emmys (58th Annual Creative Arts Emmy Awards--Saturday, August 19), (58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards--Sunday, August 27) whoop-de-doo!

It's no wonder that serious campaigners of elections to our representative government are feeling the schedule for attention getting tighter. Our "10% eliter's" command the airwaves with all the relevance of a poop party with no serious consequence to our daily lives, and yet they are on this pedestal of parity for much of a quarter of a year. But ask me if I could give a rats ass.......

Half of the world is in the worst turmoil since the rise of Hitler, and we focus our attention on these 1,900 ego maniacs?............ (10% of 19,000 total members) ---- Pathetic

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