Sunday, June 19, 2005


I'll be heading south for work and recreation for the next two weeks. Hopefully I'll get out of here by nine this morning (Sunday the 19th) and be in Oakland to spend the afternoon with my dear friend Shawn Shaffer. Shawn and I went to high school together, (Ponderosa, class of 70 Rules), and have remained friends over three decades. Monday, I'll be in Modesto for a repair at Bill and Murphs. Then tuesday in Lodi for an install with cousin Mark. Friday, I'm off to Monterey for the 20th Annual Blues Festival. My good friend Glenn Maxon is the Asst. Director of the festival and has a place for me to land for the weekend. Monday I will be back at work in Fresno for most of the week and will try to look up my brother Micheal for a visit. Mike's been in Fresno for some time and it will be nice to see the "Grunk". Hopefully, friday I drive all the way to Redding, Ca for the Zimmerman wedding. Bob and Betsys daughter Jessica will be joining hands with William Thomas Koppes. Haven't met him yet, but with a name like William Thomas, this guys gotta be alright. Saturday, after the wedding I'll be driving 3hrs back to Eureka for the Sunday (3rd) fourth of July party ot the homestead. Matt puts on a wing-dinger all day bbq, music, dancing, and tons of food and beverages. Fire-works at dark. Shawn is driving up from Oakland on the Friday before and is in for a treat of Humboldt County hospitality. After all this I get four days off before heading to Graeagle for the family reunion.
Ahh!, Graeagle........sleep,fish,golf,eat,sleep,eat,fish,sleep,golf,sleep,sleep,sleep. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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