Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Is It June Already?

Started a long-awaited project up at the Thompson's Estate out towards Blue Lake. We got about 200 feet down last night after moving most of the living room elsewhere. Rich and KT have a wonderful place that has lots of comforts and amenities on 4 acres, including about a half acre of terraced gardening, a fish pond (under construction), a horse, goat, two dogs, and a cat. I'm sure I've missed some other critters that I haven't seen yet. Anyways, Rich and I are gonna take today off and go play golf with the Pastori/Stierlin crew up at Baywood. If I can git my "slice" straightened out a bit, I may help my team out. If not, it's gonna be a long day. :)

Where the heck did May go? If this is any indication of how time is flying, the summer's gonna go by like a 747 across the blue sky. Gonna head down to Monterey for the Blues Festival at the end of this month. My good friend Glenn Maxon is the Asst. Director for the festival and says he has a place for me to land for the three days. No free tickets here folks, the whole concert is near sold out.

I still want to try to make a quick trip up to Graeagle before July to fish a bit up on the Feather. Ross says the waters near perfect, which means there's a "brown" waitin for my nightcrawler. And yes I do believe in the motto "Catch and Release in Garlic and Butter". Yummy!

Speaking of Maxon, I was up at his moms place on Humboldt Hill with John and Melody movin everything out of the kitchen and dining room for a major remodel. My fee, (paid in advance) was Shirleys slightly used dishwasher and it's a beauty. Mine went down about a year ago and I've been hand washin' ever since. Now, instead of a pile of dishes on the right of my countertop, I can hide 'em in the washer. :)

No politics today here. There's plenty on the "links". Have a great day and God bless.


Update: Couldn't help it. This Washington Times Op-Ed pokes a little fun at a WaPo "analysis" of the direction the President and the Leadership is taking. It's moving to the right. Duh! :)

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