Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Socialism Alive and Well, (and thriving) in California.

Apparently, a three billion dollar increase in school spending for this years budget is not enough. According to Daniel Weintraub of the Sacramento Bee, if the Governor doesn't keep his campaign promises, the Republicans should agree to a tax increase or face a similar ballot devised by hollywood's Rob Rienhart von-something's re-distribution of wealth. Being fiscally responsible is not a consideration for most of the Dems in this state. The tax and spend mentality seems to be still thriving well in the Golden State.The scary part is, (according to someone's poll) Riener's Proposition will pass by a firm majority of voters. But, again that "majority" derives from only two regions of the entire state, the Bay area (SF) and LA. The rest of the state is committed to lowering taxes and tightening the belt on spending.

Read Weintraub's Story Here

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