Friday, June 10, 2005

Exuberance of the Moment

James G. Lakely of the Washington Times posted a story today referring to the continuing saga of the disintegration of the Democratic Party and the "Dean Unhinged" debacle. Senate Minority Whip Richard J. Durbin has blamed the "Right Wing" and the media for the embarrassing comments coming from the left.

The No. 2 Democrat in the Senate yesterday blamed "the right wing" and elements of the press "in service to it" for repeating Howard Dean's remarks about Republicans and inflating them out of proportion. "I think we all understand what's happening with you all," said Senate Minority Whip Richard J. Durbin, in remarks echoing Hillary Rodham Clinton's blaming a "vast right-wing conspiracy" for her husband's legal-ethical woes. "The right wing has got the agenda moving. Fox [News Channel] and everybody's got the agenda. It's all about Howard Dean. You've bought into it," Mr. Durbin said.

Once again the responsibility (or lack of) for the minority's promiscuous handling of their current position in this country is being blamed on the Republicans and their "right-wing media friends". To concede that it may be the fault of their own constituency appears out of the question or, (at least), out of their comprehension.

PEGGY NOONAN's essay, "Seeing Red" posted yesterday in the Opinion Journal just about says it all about the state of the Democratic Party and it's direction. I was just as impressed with the comments posted after her story~~

'Special Delivery' Bob Phelps - Live Oak, Fla.
This column should be special delivered to every politician in Washington, D.C., every political aide, every political commentator. This is how a person with class administers a sound thrashing to someone who truly needs it.
With honesty and gentleness that is her style of writing, Ms. Noonan has made Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Dean and their followers hang their heads in shame. Or, if the two of them had the common decency that is so eloquently depicted here, they should hang their heads in shame.
Somehow, though, I don't think either of them will be shown this item by their aides and they will go on being the jackasses they truly are. And that is comforting in a way. It is saddening that their braying has sunk so low, but the bright side is that a majority of Americans seem to be able to see it for what it is. I pray that Mrs. Clinton continues to show her true self, but I am fearful that she might wise up and hide it, as she has tried to do recently. Beware.

Don't Be Afraid to Speak Out Alice Felt - Walla Walla, Wash.
Well, good for the Republicans for generally being "generous, mature, and fair-minded," even when faced with the likes of Howard and Hillary. I guess we should all just shut up, invite the Democrats over for tea and discuss the weather. Right? In fact, how rude to point out Chairman Dean's deficiencies. Can't we all just get along, or in other words, can't the Republicans rollover and let the Democrats rule? That would be the polite thing, wouldn't it? Then maybe someday Peggy Noonan can explain to my grandchildren why they have socialized medicine, exorbitant taxation, nationalized industry, a worthless military and a queen in the White House. You know, being a "jerk" is certainly not the ideal, with Howard Dean serving as a fine example, but speaking the truth should be. I hope Republicans are never quiet in that regards.

Thanks Christie Bruce - Bend, Ore.
College-aged demonstraters throwing pies at conservative speakers and these divisive statements are being tolerated, laughed off, and excused away. Thanks for writing about it in a gracious way that exposed the seriousness of the matter.

Let's Hope This Falls on Deaf Ears R. Vance - Santa Barbara, Calif.
Your advice to DNC Chairman Dean and the junior senator from New York is apt and timely. For my part, I hope that no member of the Democratic Party heeds it. The Democratic Party needs to fail, the way the Whigs did, and the Know-Nothings did. The Democratic Party is the party of voter fraud--not only in Chicago, but in Miami, Philadelphia and Seattle. It has abandoned our military while in the field of battle, while aiding our enemies in vain attempts to make political gains out our few errors in the global battle against radical Islam. Americans dare not let the Democrats prosper at the ballot box.

Telling Them Straight C.K. Amos - Princeton, W.Va.
Sooner or later the country's going to tell Hillary Clinton and Howard Dean they stink, act like mean-spirited and spoiled brats and offer nothing constructive--and then reject them?
We the majority already have. They, the liberals and Democrats, as well as the advocacy media, just haven't listened. Or, rather, they're all so far up that river called cognitive dissonance they can't or won't find their way back. But wait until 2006 and 2008 and they'll know for sure, if the elephants don't blow it.
Meanwhile, in the dark side of ends-justify-the-means civics, Hillary Clinton, with the assistance of John Kerry and others, including Jesse Jackson, continues to paint our elections system as being so dysfunctional as to be unusable. If she and they keep doing that, which they will, no Democrat who loses in the future will ever accept defeat and they'll always cast doubt on elections and create chaos.
Again, what was that about comportment?

What I found confounding as well as amusing was the statements from Dr. Dean arrogantly challenging the Republicans and the media, and then the response from Nancy Pelosi that sums it all up. ~~

Mr. Dean echoed both Mr. Reid's and Mr. Durbin's complaints, telling reporters before the meeting: "We're not going to let the Republicans set the agenda, and to be quite honest, we aren't going to let you set the agenda."

"Any one of us at any given time may say something that might not be acceptable to another part of the party," Mrs. Pelosi said. "I don't associate myself with what he said. I think that it probably was said in the exuberance of the moment."

Exuberance of the Moment? ~~~~~~~~ Yee Haw Nancy!

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