Thursday, July 07, 2005

Graeagle........Here I come, and the rest is needed

Now I don't recommend running at the pace this fellers been at for the past few weeks, unless you got a complete physical from the doc. (Iffin this sounds like whining, grab hold fur a bit) Maybe it would be better if I worked backwards from today and attempt to make more sense. Today was another sorrowful day in our history. The shame of those who choose to kill will be judged by not only God but by all of those who condemn indiscriminate murder on innocent lives. "You are spineless cowards and the scum of the earth" The civilized world (hopefully) will not tolerate your sickness because our lives are to be liven during this short time here and no one (on earth)has the right to take it before our time. I pray the "good" in mankind will out your hatred and you will be wiped from the face of this planet.

Onward to brighter things........... Just when you think you've had it tough on the ol' body, along comes a reality check like what happened today. It's hard to find any room for complaining when you put it in perspective.

Time to recharge the batteries and try agin tomorrow .

Three short weeks ago, I went off on workin road trip that was supposed to be broke up by a relaxing three days at the Monterey Blues Festival. Turns out I decided to work the festival with my good friend Glenn and catch some music along the way. Glenn's schedule consisted of 14 hour days. I told the executive manager (and one of the founding board members), Mr. Martin Puentes, at the end of the weekend, that I had to go back to work so I could relax. :) Mr. Puentes told Glenn how much he appreciated my participation and called me a "class act". He also extended an invitation to next years festival to me with credentials. Comming from a founding board member, that was quite a compliment. Anyway, I got a year to think about returning and I highly recommend everyone attend this festival at least once in a lifetime, for it truly is a "Class Act". You can go to the Monterey Blues Festival website and see what ya missed this year.

So, after fourteen straight days I drove straight home from Fresno to Eureka, (non-stop), in seven hours. The next day my good friend Shawn arrived from the East Bay to spend the weekend and participate in our annual 4th of July party here at the Chipps estate. Sixteen of us played in the annual golf tourney on Monday. Needless to say, it has taken me a few days to recoup, and now it's time to head up to Graeagle for the family reunion. Maybe finally I can get some well needed R&R. People over fifty shouldn't go at this pace for very long. It just aint healthy.

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