Monday, November 03, 2008

(When "I left my heart in San Francisco" takes on a whole new meaning)

(by Rovin)

Born and raised in Sacramento until the late sixties, I had the taste of state politics and the conflicting ideologies two hours away in San Francisco. When some of us would drive into "The City", (what we referred to as SF), to catch a concert at the Filmore or Winterland, we had no idea that we were in another world compared to the cow pastures, almond orchards, and wide open spaces where farmers, cowboys and rednecks still reined as the dominant force up and down the center of California. The only things we shared in SF was the new ballads from the likes of Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, and the Grateful Dead. No one had a clue that San Francisco would become a matrix of ultra left liberal thought consumed in marxism, socialism, and hell bent on destroying the capitalistic system as we know it today.

Fast forward to 2008. We are in the last day before this nation selects a new President, and the most liberal candidate to run for the office not only insults the fine folks in Pennsylvania that they "cling to their guns and religion", now Barack Obama has, (in his own words), said he plans to bankrupt the coal industry. The fact that half this nation's electrical power comes from the production of coal and employs millions of related jobs must not have entered Obama's mind when he made this statement. It's one thing to promote clean-coal technology by advancing the way coal is mined and burned to produce this vital source of energy, but to claim that a government mandate will bankrupt an industry that states like Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Colorado, Wyoming, Kentucky depend on for large portion of their economies, reeks of an economic disaster.

Is there a hidden agenda? Not when Barack Obama seems to visit San Francisco, or his quotes get properly vetted from the "City" where I left my heart. Will this "City" once again be famous for ending the career of another liberal that inadvertently made his intentions clear to the electorate? Out of work coal miners and hard working rednecks want to know. Stay tuned.

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