Sunday, November 30, 2008

And God said to Moses….."ONLY TWO!"

Two of each species----one male and one female, or in the case of college football, God has been replaced by an entity called the BCS, who can still choose ONLY TWO. (by Rovin)

FLORIDA, OU, TEXAS, and yes USC, all one loss teams chasing an undefeated ALABAMA for a spot in the national championship game. With one week left to go the BCS and the “pollsting lobbiest” will be in full force. Of all the teams left here, USC has by far the best defense in the country while Oklahoma has by far the best offense. Oklahoma can spot any team in the nation 50 points and they still lose by an average of 12 points. Any other year and a USC win over Notre Dame counts for something. This year, at 6-6, the Irish can't help themselves let alone anyone else. While my bias, (and the stats), say USC deserves to be in this championship mix, I’m afraid they are still on the outside looking in.

For the record, league championship games, (LCG’s) suck. One can make a great argument against LCG’s when at the end of a great season for teams that are ranked in the top four or five in the nation, (or for that matter, an undefeated #1 Alabama that has to play against a top four ranked team, Florida) because some idiot came up with the idea that would make the league MORE MONEY. Because the Big 12 divided themselves into two divisions, (north and south), we now have the dilemma of allowing the BCS, (and coach’s) that will determine who plays in their LCG. Either Texas or Oklahoma are going to be disappointed later today when the BCS polls come out. Then again, if the “winner” defeats a now suspect Missouri, (which lost to Kansas yesterday), how does this game help either team in the rankings?

Confused? Unless you are an avid college football fan, you have every right to be confused. Going into the final week of a great season of college football there are still good arguments for who should be in the national championship game, (NCG). An Alabama win over the Gators could solve the #1 slot and eliminate Florida as a contender. This would still leave us with Oklahoma, Texas, and arguably USC with a legitimate shot at the #2 spot in the NCG.

(for the record, you can scroll down to this post to see how I feel about an over-rated Florida)

Update: BCS choose's OU to play in conference champoinship game----Texas fans not happy.

Here's a little comment I found that produces some "irony":

"Remember a few years ago when Mack Brown lobbied and called in favors to coaches and others to vote down California so Texas could play in the Rose Bowl? It worked and Cal was sent packing to the Holiday Bowl as some voters did not even put them in their top 5 (they were 11-1 with their only loss coming at #1 USC by 6 points). What goes around comes around! Enjoy it Cal!"

Update II: This BCS mess lies at the feet of the Big 12 (Ivan Maisel at ESPN makes a good argument among many)

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