Sunday, November 23, 2008

College Football Observations:

Out of the top eight teams in the BCS, the most over-rated and un-tested (against other quality teams) is Florida. Why was Florida playing the Citadel the week before Thanksgiving?

Teams Florida has beaten this year:

4-8 Citadel????
4-7 Arkansas who were severely beaten by Bama, Texas
4-7 Tennessee who "upset" Vandy yesterday but lost their previous three games by combined score of 69-22
6-5 Kentucky who have not beaten a top 50 team this year
6-5 Vanderbilt who have won one out of the last six games (Kentucky)
7-4 Miami who were killed by Georgia Tech yesterday (41-23)

(Florida also started their season by having a 6-5 Hawaii fly across two time zones and beat them 56-10 whoo whoo!)

Florida also still has to play an 8-3 Florida St and finish with currently # 1 Alabama. Even if Florida wins both of these last games convincingly, they still have not been what I would call "tested" by a season of quality teams that would rank them any higher than a # 4 in BCS rankings.

If / when Florida beats Bama in the SEC championship game, we could be down to seven "quality" one loss teams who could be considered for the national championship game.

(undefeated Utah, Boise St, and Ball St. deserve "honorable mention" in their respective divisions AND if there was a playoff system, each of these teams would deserve to have a spot.)

My pick for the "BIG GAME" would be (if they win out their seasons) Oklahoma and Texas

"Fantasy Games" I would love to see------ Florida vs USC, and an under-rated Penn St. against any of the top five teams.

Final Observation------The BCS still sucks! Bring on the Playoffs

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State: The Bedlam Series (Saturday night ABC 5pm (pst)
The Bedlam Bell doesn't rank with the Old Oaken Bucket, Floyd of Rosedale or the Commander in Chief's Trophy. But for fans in Oklahoma, it's as big as any of those rivalries.
The series dates back to 1904, when Oklahoma beat the Cowboys 75-0 in a game at Guthrie, Okla. The Sooners produced a combined 240-0 margin in the first eight games before the Cowboys finally scored in 1914.

Saturday's matchup in Stillwater will be the first time both teams are ranked in the top 11 nationally since a 1984 matchup when Oklahoma was No. 2 and Oklahoma State was No. 3. And Saturday night's game likely will determine the Big 12 South's champion as the final game of the regular season.

The Sooners hold a decisive 79-16-7 edge in the series and have won five straight over the Cowboys. But Oklahoma State has played them closely in recent seasons, twice stunning them in big upsets that foiled the Sooners' national championship hopes in 2001 and '02. Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops has a 3-1 edge in previous games in Stillwater, although none of his victories there has been by more than six points. link
I'm guessing beastofeast is going to have all of his fingernails chewed off before this one is over.

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