Tuesday, January 29, 2008

McCain Defeats Romney

In the Florida primary last night many conservatives were stunned to see John McCain win convincingly over Mitt Romney. Two of my favorite bloggers, Captain's Quarters and Flopping Aces had over 90% of their commenters almost in tears with the disdain they are showing for McCain.

This was my response:

Let's see here.......two out of sixty-three comments here are facing reality while the rest are stunned and in denial over the events that took place in Florida. What scares me the most are the "conservatives" here that proclaim they will sit out if MAC is the Repub nominee. In the words of the one we are supposed to despise the most, "GIVE ME A BREAK"

Get a grip folks.......John McCain will defeat Hillary Clinton in the general election. John McCain is a conservative. (And he has flaws we can deal with). For those of you that plan to sit out the general election if McCain is the candidate------you we're worthless going in. And you are not focused on the big picture, which is defeating the democratic nominee.

Would I prefer Mitt Romney.? No, I preferred Fred Thompson, but the last man standing is who I will support. Let Hillary, Bill, and Obama continue to fracture their party to the point where they will be so weak that the eventual winner will be defeated. But I will not contribute to the same scenario as a Republican. Get some sleep and get over it.

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