Monday, January 07, 2008


Eric Prisbell at the Washington Post writes this story about tonight's BCS Championship Game:

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Title Game Marks End To All but the Shouting

Rovin2b wrote:

Georgia, West Virginia, USC, Missouri, Kansas


When all is said and done, even with an LSU victory, all of these teams will end up with only two losses except for Kansas (12-1), and even with Kansas "soft schedule" they did beat a solid #3 Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl. Add one more team to the list above and you've got a hell of a setting for an eight team playoff. Most college football fans would love to see these remaining teams play each other for three more weeks. Of course, if OSU stomps LSU into the ground, all that goes out the window, and I guess the season has to end sometime.

1/7/2008 6:03:16 AM

UPDATE! Congrats to LSU! After being down 10-0 the Tigers came roaring back with thirty-one unanswered points. link

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