Friday, January 18, 2008

Fox News Does It Again! Shame on YOU--Fox!

Fox News (using their sources other than a direct one) reported that Fred Thompson will be dropping out after the South Carolina Primary.

The story is FALSE!

I wrote to Fox News:

This has happened TWICE now that the day before a state primary Fox News has reported "sources say the Fred Thompson will be dropping out of the race".

Fox News quoted Politico in this story (the morning of the Iowa Caucus) the Thompson would be dropping out WITHOUT asking Thompson's campaign manager or Thompson directly if the story was true.


Did Fox News ask Fred Thompson if he was dropping out after South Carolina? Does Fox News even consider the ramifications of reporting that a candidate would be dropping out of a race on the day before a state primary?

What would happen if someone used UNSOURCED information and reported that Mr. Murdock and NewsCorp was going to sell off their News Division to CNN because Murdock was "dropping out" of the news business. Does Fox News believe that this story would require asking Mr. Murdock if this was true?

Shame on you Fox News for your actions on this day.

Julia Banderas reported this story with Bill Hemmer on Friday morning 01/18/08

Dammit! I'm Pissed!

Note to Fox News: Fred Thompson is going to win the South Carolina Primary and will win the Republican nomination and will be the next President of the United States-----and then he will drop out-----report that you morons.

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