Saturday, November 17, 2007

Question for One of My Favorite Bloggers

I've had Dafydd's Big Lizards blog on my "Bloggers of Choice" links for the better part of two years. The reason is obvious. Dafydd is an excellent blogger, and 99% of the time I like what he writes. Some time (early last summer) the grand lizard (Dafydd) argued in a post that this immigration reform bill would become a divisive wedge issue that could hurt the Republican Party. I submitted the comment that if the RNC approved this legislation it would come back to bite the Party because many did not approve of the "amnesty implications" in the bill.

That's the crust of the argument in a ruff nutshell.

What I would like to ask Dafydd NOW is with the current events that have unfolded with Hillary's drivers license "yes, no, yes, no" and (with the exception of Joe Biden) every democratic presidential candidate basically condoning issuing DL's to illegal immigrants, where does he stand now on using this issue to place the democrats in the hot water next year?

With over 70% of the people in this nation firmly against the issuing or DL's to illegals, AND 80% of the democratic leadership, (including candidates) firmly in favor, shouldn't this issue be a major "player" in next years election cycle?

Does Dafydd think this will still hurt the party? What do you think?

(editors note: sorry for the lack of links to last summers debate on this issue. I will try to insert them at a later date as they are found......Also, will Hillary's "NO" in the debate make this issue a little less impacted?)

Update: Dave at Ace of Spades thinks Hillary has "Taken a "Stand"

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