Tuesday, November 06, 2007

New York Times Cheerleading for MSNBC's Continued Bush Bashing
by Rovin

The New York Times (Business section) thinks it's a good idea to continue to lean left and attack the Bush Administration by contorting a "wave" of Keith Olbermann followers, (drones and Koskids), while pushing General Electric, (Parent Company of NBC) to dump Tucker Carlson for Rosie O’Donnell :

Cable Channel Nods to Ratings and Leans Left

Riding a ratings wave from "Countdown With Keith Olbermann," a program that takes strong issue with the Bush administration, MSNBC is increasingly seeking to showcase its nighttime lineup as a welcome haven for viewers of a similar mind.

Lest there be any doubt that the cable channel believes there is ratings gold in shows that criticize the administration with the same vigor with which Fox News’s hosts often champion it, two NBC executives acknowledged yesterday that they were talking to Rosie O’Donnell about a prime-time show on MSNBC............. LINK (registration required)

Where the "wave" comes from, this blogger would like to know given the current cable news ratings of Olbermann's program:

P2+ Prime Time
FNC – 1,454,000 viewers
CNN – 590,000 viewers
MSNBC- 549,000 viewers
CNBC –193,000 viewers
HLN – 386,000 viewers

8PM - P2+ (25-54)

O’Reilly Factor- 1,824,000 viewers (265,000)
Countdown w/ Olbermann- 789,000 viewers (193,000)

( How old are the other 1.5 million Factor viewers?)

Source: Inside Cable News:

If this is what the New York Times calls a "wave", what do they call the latest newsprint decline----"a ripple in a pond"?

NEW YORK The Audit Bureau of Circulations released circulation numbers for more than 700 daily newspapers this morning for the six-month period ending September 2007. Of the top 25 papers in daily circulation (see chart, separate story), only four showed gains.

For The New York Times, daily circulation fell 4.51% to 1,037,828 and Sunday plunged 7.59% to 1,500,394, at least partly due to a price increase.

Keep up the "good work". Any more leaning left and they'll be sideways.

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