Thursday, September 27, 2007


Jaylord, a commenter over at Captains Quarters has come up with the perfect (so far) commercial for the SCHIP program the democratic party has revised, promoted and distorted:

Posted by Jaylord September 27, 2007 10:37 AM

The Republicans can actually use this to their advantage if they have the courage. SCHIP also covers "kids" up to 25. Imagine the following commercial, a loose parody of the AFLAC commercial featuring the guy with his arm in a cast and the duck paying all his bills, even the paying for the Chinese food being delivered:

Two guys sitting in a filthy living room on a ratty couch playing a violent video game, pizza boxes and beer bottles lying everywhere. The guys are obviously in their early twenties, scraggly facial hair, bad tatoos, unkempt hair and dirty concert teeshirts.

Guy One: (stops playing and shakes hand) Dude! I've been playing for three days straight and my hand really hurts! Time to go to the doctor.

Guy Two: But dude! You haven't had a job since you dropped out of college. How you gonna afford a doctor?

Guy One: No sweat dude! Hillary and the gang's got my back. They passed that SCHIP thingy and now I get free health care. Who needs a job when Hillary's taking care of you? (Takes a big swig of beer and belches out) Thanks Hillary!

Guy Two: (Also takes a big swig of beer and belches out) Yeah, thanks Hillary!
Both laugh and start playing the video game again...

But there's no way anybody on the right has the stones or imagination to come up with something like this. [:-(]

Standby Jaylord, you may see this commercial sooner than you think.

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