Monday, October 01, 2007

Why Do They Have To Lie?

Paul at Wizbang pulls no punches when it comes to our dear friends on the left that have a party so fractured that now a Senate Majority Leader has to bring the debate to a lower level by attacking Rush Limbaugh. One might have thought that the donkeys might have waited for a few months before wasting what credibility a once respected party deserved. (note to dems: you gotta work on your fabrication skills.)

Ried is a Grade A Left-Wing Moonbat.
by Paul from Wizbang

With all the other good news coming out of Iraq this month (see below) Reid has to change the subject. So he introduced a bill condemning Limbaugh in the Senate. Big mistake. The and backfired on Democrats and so will this. The problem is Rush's comments where not egregious in any way. In fact, two days before Rush made his comments, ABC News used the same language and the same context to report on the Department of Justice crackdown called Operation Stolen Valor. -- As many people on the right know, there is a growing problem of "Phony Heroes." (Surprise! The Left has no idea what is important to our military!)……….Link

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Two words ........ Jesse MacBeth

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