Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mainstream Media Can't Find Faults in So Cal Fire Operation
But they're trying........

Why is the mainstream media attempting (and failing) to find only the negative stories in the tragedy that is still unfolding in Southern California? For the past two days the msm has tried to drive a "story" that there was not enough equipment and manpower to battle the firestorms that broke out across the region. The FACTS are that while the infrastructure was mobilizing and setting up parameters, the wind velocity was so dangerously fierce that it was decided that the planes would remain grounded for the direct safety of the pilots and crew onboard. Ask a pilot if he would care to fly through mountain passes where the Santa Anna winds are blowing with gust ranging on some days between 75 and 110 mph. Meanwhile CNN this morning (Thursday, Oct. 25th) are still asking this question to anyone who will be interviewed still hoping to find an idiot that will say they could have flown. With the President now in flight to visit the region, I'm sure that it will be reported by one or more of the major networks that proclaim the President was too slow getting to the scene. The "hate Bush" agenda of the MSM (that began it's infancy in 2000) is to find FAULT where ever they can and "create" a connection to the Bush Administration. This agenda has become so obvious that even many on the moderate left have held their collective heads in shame. And yet they still continue to self-destruct what little credibility that remained within their "journalistic" prowess. Even as I write this MSNBC is running the story of Governor Schwarzenegger telling a "journalist"(paraphrasing) "you’re looking for mistakes in this operation and it's all good news". "As much as you hate it, it's ALL GOOD NEWS!"

While the Terminator was holding the reporter's hand (gently) he should have stuck his big powerful hand right in her face and said "talk to the hand". And then chucked the reporter and her MSM's ilk over the side of the hill and into the fires of their depravation. Of course this could only happen in the movies. Take # 2007.......Action!

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