Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New York Times Releases the Hounds

Just in time for the upcoming election cycle, the "curtain" will fall from the New York Times (Times-Select) vision of charging it's online readers to read the content of their prized "journalist". While the paper continues to fall in circulation and revenues, the Times estimates a loss of ten million from their subscription services. But what's a measly ten million when it comes to unleashing another 5-10 writers that can show how much they hate Bush and conservatives. It wouldn't be surprising if Soro's and Move-On paid the ten million for the buffoonery upgrade.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The New York Times Co said on Monday it will end its paid TimesSelect Web service and make most of its Web site available for free in the hopes of attracting more readers and higher advertising revenue.

TimesSelect will shut down on Wednesday, two years after the Times launched it, which charges subscribers $7.95 a month or $49.95 a year to read articles by columnists such as Maureen Dowd and Thomas Friedman.

The trademark orange "T's" marking premium articles will begin disappearing Tuesday night, said the Web site's Vice President and General Manager Vivian

The move is an acknowledgment by The Times that making Web site visitors pay for content would not bring in as much money as making it available for free and supporting it with advertising.

"We now believe by opening up all our content and unleashing what will be millions and millions of new documents, combined with phenomenal growth, that that will create a revenue stream that will more than exceed the subscription revenue," Schiller said. (link)

There's that word again, unleashing. One would have to wonder is Michael Vick would approve of unleashing dogs with no other purpose than to attack. Of course, this may be a little different world out there to our "hidden" dogs of prey. I'm sure the Bush-bashing trio of Dowd, Krugman, and Friedman will have their "opinions" quoted in the lefty blogs like it was scripture from the bible. And, hopefully the conservative bloggers will seize the opportunity to expose the agenda of the liberal press that now no longer holds back their obvious bias.

Speaking of media bias, did you catch one of the leading cheerleaders of BDS, Chris Mattews, (taking Greenspan's comments out of context) leads the way supplying a talking points memo for Obama:

"Should we put Exxon signs up over Arlington Cemetery and Mobil signs up there, like they have at baseball stadiums?"

The "no blood for oil" lunatics are in full bloom with this latest work of "journalism". Grab hold of your keyboards folks. It's gonna be a long winter.

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