Thursday, September 06, 2007

New RovinsWorld poll finds disturbing facts:

A new RovinsWorld poll says 85% of liberal democrats are brain-dead. The poll also said that 75% of Americans believe that 9/11 truthers are descendants or clones of Jim Jones. When asked if Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi should be representatives of the Taliban or an Al-Qaeda led organization, over 90% responded positively yes. The 3% approval rating given to the democratic congress has been revised to 2.5% and is expected to drop further after General Petraeus's report next week. Another 85% of those polled also believe that global warming is a procedure to check Al Gores brain cells. 75% of democrats polled believed that Hillary Clinton's national health care plan was only reserved for WWF Wrestlers, Football Players, American Idol rejects, and China mainland fundraisers.

Look for a new RovinsWorld poll presented weekly until after Fred Thompson's inaugural speech on January 20th, 2009

Update: New Al-Queda polls shows democrats advancing in numbers while tail-spinning in U.S. polls. Bin Laden says he won't hold a chair at the table for long. Richard Durbin said today "these schedules may need a timetable to get where Osama wants us, but we're making headway." Durbin was also still looking up the word "surge".

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