Sunday, March 04, 2007

Two New Sites Added to Rovinsworld

Two new blogsites have been added to Rovinsworld today. I have decided that it took too much time to click thru favorites to get to NZ's Truth Laid Bear.

The Truth Laid Bear began as a humble BlogSpot blog over three years ago, and has since evolved into a fully developed portal to the blogosphere. The TTLB Blogosphere Ecosystem is widely regarded as the definitive weblog ranking system, and TTLB receives an average of 1,684 visits and 3,637 page views per day.TTLB is an independent venture of one individual, the pseudonymous N.Z. Bear, who is available for print, blog, and radio interviews upon request. Inquiries from investors with large sacks of cash are also most welcome.On May 7th, 2006, the latest release of The Truth Laid Bear went public, bringing TTLB's functionality to a new level with new graphics, improved search capabilities, and many other enhanced features. Stay tuned for reactions around the blogosphere and the mainstream media!

This highly rated and respected site is a must read for serious conservative bloggers and those who may need to know the Truth Laid Bear

Also added to this site is a very important cause called the Victory Caucus. A creation of NZ for the soul purpose of obtaining a victory in Iraq and not some "slow bleed" from the defeatist on the left, who fail (or care not) to understand the ramifications of failure.

While I hope NZ never checks out where Rovinsworld fits in the ecosystem, I would like to proudly say welcome NZ, and thank you for all your contributions. When you look in the dictionary under patriot, it says-----See NZ

(no more "triple-clicks")

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