Sunday, March 04, 2007

Good News in Iraq......That You Won't Hear From The MSM

Curt, from Flopping Aces has an excellent post up on the SUCCESS that is transpiring in Iraq:

More and more good news is coming out of Iraq but we hear nary a peep out of our MSM. Hell, we don't hear crap from the left either. Two days ago the Iraqi police, Iraqi army, and local militia's fought back against al-Qaeda and killed over 50 of the terrorists, and captured 80: (via The Fourth Rail):

The media accounts claim 'insurgents' attacked the village, but do not provide a reason for the attack. "The clashes on Wednesday began about 1 p.m. when insurgents attacked a village near Fallujah, about 35 miles west of Baghdad, and ended about six hours later when Iraqi soldiers, police and the tribal fighters killed 50 suspected insurgents and captured 80 others, according to Abdul-Karim Khalaf, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry. Khalaf declined to say how many Iraqi security personnel were killed or injured," The Washington Post reports.But the full story, according to an American military officer and an American intelligence source, is that al-Qaeda in Iraq, under the banner of the Islamic State of Iraq, assembled several hundred fighters to attack a prominent leader of the Anbar Salvation Council, the grouping of local tribes and Baathists, and former insurgents who now oppose al-Qaeda in Iraqi. The leader of the Anbar Salvation Council was to attend the funeral of one of those killed in last week's suicide bombing in Habbaniyah. The Iraqi police in Amiriya held off the attack, and radioed for backup from Iraqi Army, police and members of the Thurwa al-Anbar, the tribal militias assembled by the Anbar Salvation Council. U.S. air support was called in to help fend off the attack. The Anbar Salvation Council leader escaped as Army, police and tribal fighters poured into the village and routed the al-Qaeda force, which was estimated to be several hundred fighters. Once intelligence source claims the figure of 50 al-Qaeda killed is low, and the number is likely over 100.

Curt adds:

"So as you can tell, lots of good news. But the MSM spends the majority of their reporting on the dozen men found executed. Of course that is news, and should be reported on, but should they also ignore all the good stuff that is going on in the majority of the country?

The answer to that is no of course but we have all become used to this kind of reporting. Report only the bad, whether it can be verified or not by Capt. Hussein, as long as they can continue to mold the minds of Americans into believing Iraq is not winnable. " (link to full story)

Many thanks again to Curt for making the truth easier to see.

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