Monday, March 26, 2007

Higher Education Woes

While I have been saying that the institution of higher learning, (colleges), have been fraught with a single political idealism, (leaning too far to the left), it appears that a young filmmaker has brought some of the "imbalance" to light:

'Indoctrinate U' Film Alleges Repressive Climate on Campuses (full story)

By Randy Hall Staff Writer/Editor
March 26, 2007

( - Watch out, Michael Moore and Al Gore. A young filmmaker is preparing to release a full-length documentary that will "tell the story of how, in the name of education, schools from coast to coast ruthlessly compel conformity of thought.""When we think of college, we think of intellectual freedom. We imagine four years of exploring ideas through vigorous debate and critical thinking," filmmaker Evan Coyne Maloney told Cybercast News Service Friday regarding his upcoming movie, "Indoctrinate U."

"But the reality is very far from the ideal," he said. "What most of us don't know is that American college students surrender their rights to free thought and free speech the minute they set foot on campus." ..........

The filmmaker's interest in the subject began when he was an undergraduate student at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pa. "What I noticed was that basically, from the first day you set foot on campus, the notions of tolerance and diversity were drilled into your head," he said. "But there wasn't a lot of tolerance for diverse points of view."...........

To promote the documentary, production company On the Fence Films has posted a three-minute trailer at the "Indoctrinate U" website showing clips from the documentary and stating: "Welcome to the new American university. Keep your opinions to yourself."

I could come up with a few other titles for other docudramas: "Brainwash U"----forget what your parents taught you; they were all wrong. "Welcome to (insert university), where we will teach you the "evils of America". This is where your anti-capitalist indoctrination begins and the structure produces nothing but disappointing failure in the real world.

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