Sunday, March 25, 2007

Treasonous Traitors Amoungst Us......

This is how our "new leadership" rejoices in screwing our military in fighting to preserve our freedom and the freedoms of the Iraqi people.

I'm sure General Petraeus and 150,000 troops will be thanking these back-stabbers for micro-managing the war for purely political purposes:

"It makes perfect sense, if the goal is winning votes in the United States. The restrictions on Iraq war funding drawn up by the House Democratic leadership are exquisitely tailored to bring together the party's leftist and centrist wings. For the Out of Iraq Caucus, which demands that Congress force a withdrawal of all U.S. troops by the end of this year, there is language that appears to deliver that mandate, albeit indirectly. For those who prefer a more moderate course, there is another withdrawal deadline, in August 2008. Either way, almost all American troops would be out of Iraq by the time the next election campaign begins in earnest."------The Washington Post

With the passage of this partisan resolution by a democratic party who are hell bent on embarrassing the President and putting the lives of our military at risk, it is hard to understand how they can some how find pride in what has become a shameful act. Nancy Pelosi (without a majority to support this legislation) added 10 billion in pork TO BUY THE VOTES NEEDED TO PASS THIS.

Spree AT at Wake up America has a great post up describing Pelosi's "chess game":

"Now Pelosi and crew have managed to ADD to the danger our troops are in with her little "show" bill that she knows will never make it to the President's desk as is, and will likely be vetoed even if it had a chance to make it past the senate.

The 218 to 212 vote shows that Congress does not have the votes to over ride a veto.
Oh what a tangled web we weave, when the Dems practice to deceive......their voters."

(Read the whole post here)

When the safety and security of this nation is jeopardized by this political "chess game" being played by the democratic party, it's time to consider impeaching their leadership---starting with Nancy Pelosi.

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