Sunday, May 29, 2005


~They have passed into the Lords Hands and we were blessed to have these soldiers cross our paths~

Charles Alec Crumley...........................United States Marine Corp.
Jack Crumley........................................United States Navy
Jerry Crumley.......................................United States Army
Bud Rowe..............................................United States Navy

John Crumley.................Union, 46thRegiment,Missouri Infantry

Samuel Crumley..............Union,15th Regiment, Missouri Calvery

Thomas Crumley.......Confederate, 3rd Regiment, Missouri Calvery

Updates pending~

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Out of the Mainstream

Not "Everybody Love's Raymond". I may have watched a total of 10 minutes of this sitcom during it's entire run. No apologies, just didn't care for it. Flipped around the channels and caught (by chance) the last 12 minutes of American Idol's final. It was fun to watch, but I don't set my clock by it. I'm really a "Law and Order" junkie. Especially the original re-runs with Lenny and the gang. SVU has some great episodes and there's some kind of solace for me when they nail the "sickos". I've even been caught switching to a law and order re-run right in the middle of a (SF) Giants game. Now that's a carnal sin in our family, cause we've been Giants fans since the days of Mays and McCovey. Out of the mainstream? Who knows?

In the order of what is most important in my life, I put my faith in Christ, my family and friends (who are just like family), and the love I have for my country. Am I a Christian Conservative? You bet! I also fully support my Commander and Chief in his decision to take the fight against terrorism to their own shores and not in my backyard. Why have so many been blinded or have become numb to fact that over 3000 innocent lives were taken (burned alive or crushed by those collapsing towers) by the most radical fanatics who's only mission in their lives is to put an end to ours. They wear no uniforms. They represent no particular country. They murder indiscriminately with no regard or compassion for anyone in their path. Mothers and fathers, young women and children are blown up daily for their "cause" and the world calls them "freedom fighters"? Give me a break! These sicko's are the scum of the earth. And for those of you who glorify these scumbags or somehow think this society is responsible for their "sickness" are sadly misguided and completely mistaken. Let me put that a little more passionately. Your an idiot! We either take this battle to them or they will return to our shores. And they will not care if you had sympathy for their asinine cause. They will kill you and your children. And yes, God will judge them. I pray that Christ will forgive me if I have to defend myself, my family, my friends from these "sickos" if they return to our shores. Am I "out of the mainstream"? You be the judge, ..................... or judge not.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Priscilla Owen Finally Getting Vote

The nomination of Priscilla Owen for the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals is finally coming to a vote on the floor of the Senate. This has been 4 years in "progress" and 4 years of obstruction from the minority.

Update: Nomination Confirmed! The Aye's have it! 56-43

Next up------Bolton Nomination

Jay Reding's posted great idea by Arthur Chrenkoff for Ted Koppel and Nightline and I totally agree.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

News Flash!! Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Wounded

Fox new is reporting that Reuters has picked up a website that has Zarqawi being wounded and asking for prayers for the injured leader. .......... developing

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Up or Down!


When 78% and over 80% of the voters have elected these judges in their respective states, it is hardly considered "out of the mainstream".While the Democrats would prefer a more liberal (progressive) candidate, they should consider that maybe they are the ones that are out of the mainstream. These judges are up for lifetime appointments and deserve to have their nominations brought to the floor of the Senate, debated seriously, and given an up or down vote. Anything less is obstructing the peoples business. Our constitution, (specifically interpreted) directs the senate to advise and consent judges appointed by the President and shall be confirmed by a majority. It does not say confirmed by sixty votes, two-thirds, or anything other than a majority. With the minority party insisting on anything other than a simple majority, they have become the ones who are subverting the constitution and the directives our forefathers intended. Any Senate rule that contradicts the Constitution by denying the majority its right to consent to a judicial appointment cannot stand.

Up or Down?


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Newsweek up for Sale

Offers Tendered for Newsweek

This reporter has just received information from two unidentified (anonymous, unimpeachable) sources that the National Enquirer and the Star (supermarket tabloids) have entered into a bidding war for the purchase of Newsweek Magazine. One of the sources was said to have obtained a copy of an internal memo from the Enquirer that they had planned to sue Newsweek for copyright infringements, but some board members had decided it would be cheaper to purchase the Magazine and locate it to the right of the Mother of all Tabloids on the shelf. Other board members insisted it be located to the "left". My source has now informed me that it was finally decided to place Newsweek directly beneath the Enquirer because of Newsweek's ability to catch (report) excrements falling from the Mother Tabloid. Another source has informed me that they also intend to change Newsweek's print stock to a recyclable (flushable) material in the interest of protecting the environment..........developing

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UPDATE: My sources have now informed me that CBS (the parent company) has insisted that the sale of Newsweek may not be reliable, unless the entire editorial staff be included in the deal.

correction: CBS is not the parent company of Newsweek. Silly me, what was I thinking? The Washington Post is the parent company. Or is it the NY Times? No LA Times. I'll have to check my "sources" and git back to ya. :)

Monday, May 16, 2005

Out of the Mouths of Babes (Liars)

From Todays LA Times:
Concerning Newsweaks major fiasco:

"The admission is likely to focus further scrutiny on the American press, already suffering from revelations that reporters for major publications fabricated material, lifted quotations or used questionable material from unidentified sources. "

I thought that was their mission in life?

Friday, May 13, 2005

Tiger Misses Cut?

Rumors are flowing that Tiger Woods may have missed the cut in the Byron Nelson........
David Ferity was quoted as saying (propectively) "The last time he missed a cut, Tiger had only one major, "Heeesss got naine now" in Feritys finest slang. Had to chuckle.

Back from Sac and (again) so pleased to be home. The Road goes ever on and on.......more in a bit


Saturday, May 07, 2005

Mr. Volcker's Secrets

What's with all the secrets Mr. Volcker? If lives are at stake, protect them. Or better yet expose the threat and those partys involved in such a threat. The appearance of improprioritys abound here. It certainly appears that this "investigation" has already been compromised not only by Mr. Parton's exit, but the very fact that Mr. Volcker says "witnesses whose lives, quite literally, would be at risk". Why does Mr. Shays not have confidence in Mr. Volckers interim report? If "billions" are missing or misappropriated, the purpose of this investigation is to find out where the money went and who are the people involved. Any time an investigation has words like"immunity" and "confidentiality" transparency is not likely to be there."Responsibility" seems to be also missing.

Two excellent storys are posted: By David R. Sands THE WASHINGTON TIMES andLiza Porteus at Fox News

Thursday, May 05, 2005

OH 5, Oh 5, 05........

Yes, it's May 5th, 2005.......

I found an interesting story on the "lefts" ever-growing obsession with the "Christian Conservatives" by Don Feder on

"Since the founding of the Moral Majority in the late 1970s, the Left has been obsessed with conservative Christians. This fixation is driven by fear, loathing, and old-fashioned opportunism.
Hatred of traditional Christians is as old as H.L. Mencken (who, by the way, didn’t have the warm fuzzies for blacks or Jews either). In recent decades, the Left has come to see evangelical Christians as the principal obstacle to the realization of its social agenda, hence the embodiment of evil. Correspondingly, attacks on "fundamentalists" have grown increasingly shrill."

(complete story here)


My dear sweet ex-sister-in-law, Deborah Crumley, mother of Kiki Dawn and John Thomas picked up a 10k in a local casino poker tournament last weekend. The whole story's here in the Times Standard Debbie outlasted over 300 players to take the top prize. WTG Deb!!.

I was gonna take a small road trip up to GE to trout fish this weekend before I do a weeks work in Sac, but the weather doesn't look all that appealing. Will take the fishn' gear with me anyway, just in case. Also have some current news from Laurie Crumley (Kev's better half) that I will post over at the CrumFamReunion site later.

Have a great day and God Bless......................Kenny (aka Rovin)