Thursday, May 05, 2005

OH 5, Oh 5, 05........

Yes, it's May 5th, 2005.......

I found an interesting story on the "lefts" ever-growing obsession with the "Christian Conservatives" by Don Feder on

"Since the founding of the Moral Majority in the late 1970s, the Left has been obsessed with conservative Christians. This fixation is driven by fear, loathing, and old-fashioned opportunism.
Hatred of traditional Christians is as old as H.L. Mencken (who, by the way, didn’t have the warm fuzzies for blacks or Jews either). In recent decades, the Left has come to see evangelical Christians as the principal obstacle to the realization of its social agenda, hence the embodiment of evil. Correspondingly, attacks on "fundamentalists" have grown increasingly shrill."

(complete story here)


My dear sweet ex-sister-in-law, Deborah Crumley, mother of Kiki Dawn and John Thomas picked up a 10k in a local casino poker tournament last weekend. The whole story's here in the Times Standard Debbie outlasted over 300 players to take the top prize. WTG Deb!!.

I was gonna take a small road trip up to GE to trout fish this weekend before I do a weeks work in Sac, but the weather doesn't look all that appealing. Will take the fishn' gear with me anyway, just in case. Also have some current news from Laurie Crumley (Kev's better half) that I will post over at the CrumFamReunion site later.

Have a great day and God Bless......................Kenny (aka Rovin)

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