Saturday, May 07, 2005

Mr. Volcker's Secrets

What's with all the secrets Mr. Volcker? If lives are at stake, protect them. Or better yet expose the threat and those partys involved in such a threat. The appearance of improprioritys abound here. It certainly appears that this "investigation" has already been compromised not only by Mr. Parton's exit, but the very fact that Mr. Volcker says "witnesses whose lives, quite literally, would be at risk". Why does Mr. Shays not have confidence in Mr. Volckers interim report? If "billions" are missing or misappropriated, the purpose of this investigation is to find out where the money went and who are the people involved. Any time an investigation has words like"immunity" and "confidentiality" transparency is not likely to be there."Responsibility" seems to be also missing.

Two excellent storys are posted: By David R. Sands THE WASHINGTON TIMES andLiza Porteus at Fox News

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