Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Up or Down!


When 78% and over 80% of the voters have elected these judges in their respective states, it is hardly considered "out of the mainstream".While the Democrats would prefer a more liberal (progressive) candidate, they should consider that maybe they are the ones that are out of the mainstream. These judges are up for lifetime appointments and deserve to have their nominations brought to the floor of the Senate, debated seriously, and given an up or down vote. Anything less is obstructing the peoples business. Our constitution, (specifically interpreted) directs the senate to advise and consent judges appointed by the President and shall be confirmed by a majority. It does not say confirmed by sixty votes, two-thirds, or anything other than a majority. With the minority party insisting on anything other than a simple majority, they have become the ones who are subverting the constitution and the directives our forefathers intended. Any Senate rule that contradicts the Constitution by denying the majority its right to consent to a judicial appointment cannot stand.

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