Tuesday, March 01, 2005



NO.....WAIT.....THOSE OF YOU ON THE RADICAL LEFT.............. Reach down between your legs, pull your head
out of your ass, and then open your eyes.

When the "tunnel vision" starts to focus a bit look around and
see that the world is changing (for the better) right before your
eyes. Maybe this spreading of free democracies around the world
is not what these "impiralistic-war-mongering americans" had in
mind. What the main-stream media, (MSM), and the radical
liberal left want you to hear is that the world is in total disarray. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our Presidents vision of
taking the battle off our shores and directly to the heart of the
problem, ie: where the tyranny lives and breeds, has sent
shockwaves thru regions of the world that have been controlled by
brutal dictators who had convinced their own people that the
oppression, torture, and their down-trodden lives were all the
result of the "greedy, capitalist Americans. Amazing how a
couple of free democracies can change peoples minds. For
generations these people were poisoned and led to believe that it
was all our fault for their miserable existence. The nay-sayers said "leave these people alone". "What give us the right to tell these people they have the right to have free elections"? "How dare we
tell these people they have individual liberty and the right of
self-government"? Well, guess what? They are called HUMAN
RIGHTS and we do not hold any exclusive rights to these
RIGHTS. To quote an old back-country texas cowboy.........."FREEDOM IS ON THE MARCH"

posted by Rovin (READ ON)

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