Thursday, March 03, 2005


"What is it with you Americans? A couple of buildings fall down
and you scatter the earth looking for terrorist." Question from Afghanistan operative working with our soldiers in a "Jag" episode.

But the question does beg for an answer, indeed some kind of a resolution. What is it that drives us to want to eliminate every terrorist on the face of the planet? In the short history of the United States we have become (at times) the unrelenting warrior.
When thirteen colonies decided that words like liberty, freedom, and equality were worth dieing for, a young nation was founded.
And the blood that was shed in those first battles for the freedom we so cherish formed the patriotism of our society. Indeed, in the short two hundred years of our existence there have been wars that have left scars in the hearts and minds of our people. We do remember Stalin, Hitler, and Tokyo Rose. From our civil war to the conflict in Viet Nam we have developed an American Warrior that is unrelenting in the fight for the liberties we take so much for granted today. And then a couple of buildings fell down that ripped the gut right out of us. The very foundation of our liberties are suddenly threatened. Our new enemy is hell bent on eliminating our very existence. Their only goal in life is to end ours. If these terrorist think we are unrelenting and ruthless now, just knock another building down.

The parasites that preach we somehow deserved 9/11 and the taking of innocent lives are the scum of the earth. They have no faith in the blood that was shed by our forefathers for the very liberties and freedoms we enjoy today. The vile that spews from their mouths stomps on the graves of the brave warriors who sacrificed so much before us. God will not tolerate the slaughter of "His" children for the sole purpose of anyone's ideology and the righteous will prevail. As a civilized country we should negotiate for peaceful solutions to the ideologies of others across the globe. But as long as these cowards choose to hide in the dark and take innocent lives they will remain the hunted. May God bless and watch over our American warriors who have made the supreme sacrifice to fight for all of us who believe in the liberties and rights to live in a free society. We salute you proudly.


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