Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Arrogant Stupidity of the US Supreme Court

Congrats to all you "young skulls full of mush". Yes, all you babys under the age of 18. As of yesterday March 1st, 2005, the US Supremes have deemed you to be too stupid to know the difference from right or wrong. Indeed, if you are 17 and a half and in your senior year of high school and preparing to enter college or a trade, try to remember that the Supremes have ruled that you and your younger brothers and sister are still and forever officially stupid. Of course until you turn eighteen. Then by some metamorphosis (on the day of your 18th birthday) you will be transformed into an intelligent human. All that you have learned from your parents, your teachers, your pastors, even your older brothers and sisters about the things that are "right","truthful"and "just", have all been thrown out the window. YOUR ARE STILL STUPID.
Now, in all fairness to the other side, (those of you under the age of eighteen), the Supreme Court of this great land wants you to understand that if you intend on committing a capital crime, please remember to do this before your eighteenth birthday. Take a permanent ink marker and write it somewhere on your body, right next to the "brand" that says "THE SUPREME COURT HAS DEEMED ME STUPID"

This is, (in my opinion) one of the most shameful decisions ever made by the highest court in our lifetime.

Rovin (un-edited)

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