Saturday, March 26, 2005

Absent without malice

After the six day week put in last, a well deserved rest was needed. And my brother in law, Jim
thinks I've been away from the keyboard too long. The emotional drain of Terri Shiavo's "right to live" has taken it's toll. I've actually written quite a bit on her plight, but just can't seem to post it. Maybe 'cause the lessen is not over. The quality of life defined by some in this country has sunken to a new low. I am praying the Lord will take Terri into his bosom and give her the peace and love she deserves, but I don't think He is pleased with this outcome either. God hurts when his children are suffering. But in this case I believe it is Terri's parents who are carrying the burden of being forced to let go of her life when they feel it is not her time. Indeed, we should pray for all of those so closely involved. It's testing my faith and I hope it is causing a lot of soul searching in us all.

I'm goin on the road again to Sac for a few days. Mark's overbooked his work again. You heard the weatherman, there will be no change. It's been good gittin busy up here so I don't have to travel too much more. Living up here is so much more rewarding. The pace of life in the twilight years takes on a different meaning. I will post some more on this upon return. In the mean time have a great week. And remember "He has Risen" for me.


*** and happy birthday to Tom and Robert (24th and 29th) May another year be blessed on the both of you and your familys.

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