Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obama----Liberal Democrats Are Breaking This Nation
And no one knows how to stop the madness

"Stimulus" bill............................................$878 billion
Omnibus spending bill...............................$410 billion (covering four months)
President Obama's proposed budget*.......$3.6 trillion!!!!!

* $750 billion put into an emergency fund specifically to bail out more banks.

U.S. Budget, Spending Plans Will Bring Deficit to $1.75T

'President Obama's proposed budget, which is being released later this morning, will include an additional $250 billion that could be used to bail out struggling banks, and the total government spending plan will bring the 2009 budget deficit to a soaring $1.75 trillion, officials said this morning..........(it was just reported on another news outlet that the bank reserve funds are $750 billion, not $250)

But the spending plan is not free of the budgetary maneuvers routinely found in any new president's first attempt at reducing his vision for the nation to cold, hard numbers, sources said. Congressional Democrats defended the proposal, while conceding that the chances of achieving its goals are highly uncertain........."(Washington Post)

"Achieving its goals"??? Obama's budget-busting proposal is on its way to Nancy Pelosi's House of spending ill repute. I would be willing to bet my entire assets, (slim pickens), that this budget will leave the House above Obama's numbers.

And where do you folks think all this money is going to come from????? The Post goes on to attempt to ask/explain this question:

"And though Obama told Congress on Tuesday that his budget team has "already identified $2 trillion in savings" to help tame record budget deficits, about half of those "savings" are actually tax increases, administration officials said. A big chunk of the rest of the savings comes from measuring Obama's plans against an unrealistic scenario in which the Iraq war continues to suck up $170 billion a year forever..........." link

"Barack Obama is proposing that the U.S. alter the relationship between the national government and private sector that was put in place by Ronald Reagan and largely continued by the presidencies of Bill Clinton and the Bushes. Then, the private sector led the economy. Now Washington will chart its course......." (Dan Henninger at WSJ)

With all due respect to my dear cousin that has scolded me for using the word "socialism" out of context, just what do you call this radical change in how our capitalistic system is changing right before our eyes? Why does this nation refuse to see the levels of government dependency that will never be rectified or reversed?

Henninger ends his article by heeding this warning:

"Gov. Bobby Jindal's postspeech reply did not come close to recognizing the gauntlet Mr. Obama has thrown down to the opposition. Unless the GOP can discover a radical message of its own to distinguish it from the president's, it should prepare to live under Mr. Obama's radicalism for at least a generation."

The "radical message" needs to not only come from the GOP. It needs to come from every American in this nation---------STOP THE FUCKING SPENDING BEFORE YOU DESTROY US ALL!.........

Friday, February 20, 2009

DJ Drummond at Wizbang Recaps Barack Obama's (Dr. Fausts') adventure

President Faust

Posted by DJ Drummond
Published: February 19, 2009 - 1:21 PM

'Somewhere back in 2006, I became fascinated by Senator Barack Obama. While I am a firm Republican and Conservative, and a strong supporter of President Bush, I was impressed with the emergence of a Democratic party candidate who spoke about the need for rising above petty differences, and the opportunity for a national dialogue based on the needs of the country, rather than the self-serving business of politics as usual. If he meant what he said, and if this naïve-sounding young man could manage his work to match his claims, the promise of a new era in government seemed to be within grasp. I believe many millions of Americans believed in that promise, and trusted Senator Obama to be what he claimed to be.

Unfortunately, the many promises broken already by Obama make it increasingly obvious that Barack Obama had no intention of living up to the high ideals he used to get elected. Republicans discovered that 'bipartisan' meant having liberal pork orgies shoved down their throats, with a complicit media blaming as 'obstructionist' anyone conscientious enough to point out that the 'stimulus' bill was useless for its intended purposes and in its main effect as toxic as the mortgages which launched the recession. Democrats discovered that 'closing Gitmo' really meant sometime in the future, with rendition and relocation to similar camps very much in discussion. And apolitical people discovered lies in Obama's promise to have all bills fully available to the public for five days of debate and discussion, and in his promise to respect all reasonable positions and opinions in policy matters. President Obama's excuse for eviscerating his ideals immediately after taking office? "I won", says Obama, demonstrating his clear alignment with Niccolo Macchiavelli ... or perhaps more accurately Dr. Johann Faust........."Read DJ's complete post here.

"But unlike Faust, Obama may be able to drag the country down with him when he goes."

And why should we be surprised when his attorney general calls us a "Nation of Cowards" with no reprimand from our "leader". Does this mean he agrees with Holder? And if Holder is allowing his Secret Service to invade a resident's privacy for expressing his freedom of speech without reprimand, where do we go for redress? Where's the ACLU and all the pure freedom of speech advocates on both sides? With all the Presidential shortfalls Mr. Drummond has proficiently posted above, these I've mentioned here concern me as much, if not more, as to the competence of the office and the un-checked disrespect Obama and his "leadership" are showing to the citizens of this still great nation. And I have news for Mr. Holder, the cowards are in Washington D.C.

The hypocrisy is if President Bush had allowed this, the Democrats and their spoon-fed media would be demanding an impeachment, but alas, these times are a "changing" and hope is an empty hour glass.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Superbowl Ad You Didn't See

NBC chose not to run this ad............too controversial.

Saturday, February 07, 2009



Government printing presses will be running at full throttle in the months ahead as President Obama and a partisan Democrat Party have spent (gambled) most of their political capital on a pork-filled spending bill they claim will stimulate this nation's struggling economy. With the bills final passage no longer in doubt, the Senate will vote on Monday and then send it back to the House for a joint conference committee that could put the final tab around $900 billion dollars. The House passed their version last Tuesday 244-188 with every Republican and eleven Democrats voting against the measure. With $700 billion already expensed out in TARP money, and now this staggering amount, the new Democratically controlled government will have spent close to two trillion dollars. There is also talk of Obama pressing for another round of TARP give-away. All this under the guise of "stimulus and recovery". As this past week rolled on and the people of this nation became more aware of what was in the bill, support dropped to only 37% in favor. This did not stop Harry Reid, (and Barack Obama's evening address claiming we needed to pass this bill or a catastrophe was imminent), and the Democrat Party from convincing three weak Republicans from standing on a principal of fiscal responsibility.

The term "bi-partisan support" may be attempted to be used in the media and some deranged liberal Democrats, but make no mistake, this great American porkfest is owned by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and every Democrat that made their payments to those who invested in electing them. In this process, it's the people of this nation that are forced to pay for this irresponsible act. Not one word in this legislation was written that explained where this money will come from or how this government was going to pay it back. There should have been (at least) some money allocated to new printing equipment. These old presses are going to be worn out in no time at all.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Barack Obama "Screwed Up"------Again

Last night President Obama issued some stern words to Republicans and Democrats claiming that top economist are saying that this stimulus bill, (as written), will help the economy recover. The Cato Institute along with hundreds of the top economist in the country does not agree.

Profound Mistakes:

Mistake # 1

The President's first critical mistake was to allow Nancy Pelosi, (and every Democrat in the House of Representatives), to believe that they could pass a "stimulus" bill with every pork project and every "payback" to any one who supported Obama's election. From every union affiliated business, every education institution, (which are 99% union), and every project or program that the Democrats have ever dreamed of, Pelosi and her party wrote into this legislation that has absolutely no impact on stimulating this current economy. While writing this legislation, Pelosi also did not allow any meaningful participation from the Republican Party in the house. The Republican's in the House were completely shut out of the process, while Obama sat there doing nothing at the same time asking for bipartisan support. Results: The final vote was 244-188, mostly along party lines. All Republicans who were present voted against the bill. They were joined in their opposition by 11 Democrats.
"If there is somebody who is disgruntled, so be it. But we will have an overwhelming vote," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a talk with reporters.

Mistake # 2

Instead of claiming this legislation from the House was dead on arrival in the Senate, Obama, Harry Reid, and other Democratic leaders accepted this bill as a starting point and thought they could get away with some minor changes before sending it back to the House for final approval. As the Republicans in the House left their message that this bill was nothing but a worthless porkfest of more unfunded government programs and election paybacks, their discontent began to resonate with the general public. Once Americans began to see the actual waste that Pelosi and her party had put into this bill, the "poison pill" had begun to spread to the Senate. The phones rang off the hook and emails have shut down servers to every Senator and the President.

Mistake # 3

With support for this porkfest plummeting across the fruited plains, instead of Obama taking the responsible road by insisting the Senate re-write the bill in its entirety, this sniveling idiot pulls a "Blagojevich" by claiming he has done nothing wrong while at the same time insulting the general public's intelligence by spouting ridiculous tirades such as "I won", while accusing some of the bill's critics of "phony arguments and petty politics." Spending 920 billion at the taxpayer’s expense is hardly petty or phony Mr. President. Obama is not being genuine or responsible to the people of this nation by calling his critics of this porkfest childish names, or by making purely partisan comments such as he did last night. The people of this great nation are watching and they are rejecting this stimulus bill because it is not only seriously flawed, it is fiscally insulting---- even to those who voted for him.

It's time to start over Mr. President----and admit you screwed up-----again.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Stop This Madness Before It's Too Late
(by Rovin)

Just as the actual programs and figures of the largest "stimulus" (taxpayer spending) bill in U.S. history is getting revealed to the general public, President Obama and the Senate Democrats are stepping up their rhetoric that this legislation MUST BE PASSED within the next few days. According to the New York Times, Majority Leader Harry Reid is insisting that the bill come to a vote as early as today, (Thursday):

The majority leader, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, suggested that a final vote on the stimulus plan could come on Thursday. link

After last nights "ceremonial" rejection of every amendment submitted by Senate Republicans, Obama and Democrats are ramping up the push to pass this financial nightmare before support for the bill deteriorates any further. As of yesterday, Rasmussen reports that support for the bill has fallen to only 37% in favor of its passage.

But yesterday morning President Obama ramped up his "urgency message" by insisting this bill get to his desk:

"In the past few days I've heard criticisms of this plan that echo the very same failed theories that helped lead us into this crisis - the notion that tax cuts alone will solve all our problems; that we can ignore fundamental challenges like energy independence and the high cost of health care and still expect our economy and our country to thrive," the president said during a policy announcement in the morning and a bill signing in the afternoon.

"I reject these theories, and by the way so did the American people when they went to the polls in November and voted resoundingly for change," Mr. Obama said, urging Congress to "act without delay." link

If this legislation passes in its current form and is sent back to the House (so Pelosi and her cohorts can pork it up again), Obama may be signing the package by the middle of next week, and this nation will be stuck with one of the worst economic spending legislation's ever created by our government.

Now is the time for our responsible leadership in the Republican Party to stand firm and say NO to this "hurry up and get f**ked" attitude being pushed by the President and his party of big welfare spenders. This legislation is far too critical to the future of this country's economic stability for decades to pass it for the convenience of expediency. Call your representatives and let them know NOW that we are not in a hurry to put an end to national fiscal responsibility.