Friday, February 20, 2009

DJ Drummond at Wizbang Recaps Barack Obama's (Dr. Fausts') adventure

President Faust

Posted by DJ Drummond
Published: February 19, 2009 - 1:21 PM

'Somewhere back in 2006, I became fascinated by Senator Barack Obama. While I am a firm Republican and Conservative, and a strong supporter of President Bush, I was impressed with the emergence of a Democratic party candidate who spoke about the need for rising above petty differences, and the opportunity for a national dialogue based on the needs of the country, rather than the self-serving business of politics as usual. If he meant what he said, and if this naïve-sounding young man could manage his work to match his claims, the promise of a new era in government seemed to be within grasp. I believe many millions of Americans believed in that promise, and trusted Senator Obama to be what he claimed to be.

Unfortunately, the many promises broken already by Obama make it increasingly obvious that Barack Obama had no intention of living up to the high ideals he used to get elected. Republicans discovered that 'bipartisan' meant having liberal pork orgies shoved down their throats, with a complicit media blaming as 'obstructionist' anyone conscientious enough to point out that the 'stimulus' bill was useless for its intended purposes and in its main effect as toxic as the mortgages which launched the recession. Democrats discovered that 'closing Gitmo' really meant sometime in the future, with rendition and relocation to similar camps very much in discussion. And apolitical people discovered lies in Obama's promise to have all bills fully available to the public for five days of debate and discussion, and in his promise to respect all reasonable positions and opinions in policy matters. President Obama's excuse for eviscerating his ideals immediately after taking office? "I won", says Obama, demonstrating his clear alignment with Niccolo Macchiavelli ... or perhaps more accurately Dr. Johann Faust........."Read DJ's complete post here.

"But unlike Faust, Obama may be able to drag the country down with him when he goes."

And why should we be surprised when his attorney general calls us a "Nation of Cowards" with no reprimand from our "leader". Does this mean he agrees with Holder? And if Holder is allowing his Secret Service to invade a resident's privacy for expressing his freedom of speech without reprimand, where do we go for redress? Where's the ACLU and all the pure freedom of speech advocates on both sides? With all the Presidential shortfalls Mr. Drummond has proficiently posted above, these I've mentioned here concern me as much, if not more, as to the competence of the office and the un-checked disrespect Obama and his "leadership" are showing to the citizens of this still great nation. And I have news for Mr. Holder, the cowards are in Washington D.C.

The hypocrisy is if President Bush had allowed this, the Democrats and their spoon-fed media would be demanding an impeachment, but alas, these times are a "changing" and hope is an empty hour glass.

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