Friday, February 06, 2009

Barack Obama "Screwed Up"------Again

Last night President Obama issued some stern words to Republicans and Democrats claiming that top economist are saying that this stimulus bill, (as written), will help the economy recover. The Cato Institute along with hundreds of the top economist in the country does not agree.

Profound Mistakes:

Mistake # 1

The President's first critical mistake was to allow Nancy Pelosi, (and every Democrat in the House of Representatives), to believe that they could pass a "stimulus" bill with every pork project and every "payback" to any one who supported Obama's election. From every union affiliated business, every education institution, (which are 99% union), and every project or program that the Democrats have ever dreamed of, Pelosi and her party wrote into this legislation that has absolutely no impact on stimulating this current economy. While writing this legislation, Pelosi also did not allow any meaningful participation from the Republican Party in the house. The Republican's in the House were completely shut out of the process, while Obama sat there doing nothing at the same time asking for bipartisan support. Results: The final vote was 244-188, mostly along party lines. All Republicans who were present voted against the bill. They were joined in their opposition by 11 Democrats.
"If there is somebody who is disgruntled, so be it. But we will have an overwhelming vote," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a talk with reporters.

Mistake # 2

Instead of claiming this legislation from the House was dead on arrival in the Senate, Obama, Harry Reid, and other Democratic leaders accepted this bill as a starting point and thought they could get away with some minor changes before sending it back to the House for final approval. As the Republicans in the House left their message that this bill was nothing but a worthless porkfest of more unfunded government programs and election paybacks, their discontent began to resonate with the general public. Once Americans began to see the actual waste that Pelosi and her party had put into this bill, the "poison pill" had begun to spread to the Senate. The phones rang off the hook and emails have shut down servers to every Senator and the President.

Mistake # 3

With support for this porkfest plummeting across the fruited plains, instead of Obama taking the responsible road by insisting the Senate re-write the bill in its entirety, this sniveling idiot pulls a "Blagojevich" by claiming he has done nothing wrong while at the same time insulting the general public's intelligence by spouting ridiculous tirades such as "I won", while accusing some of the bill's critics of "phony arguments and petty politics." Spending 920 billion at the taxpayer’s expense is hardly petty or phony Mr. President. Obama is not being genuine or responsible to the people of this nation by calling his critics of this porkfest childish names, or by making purely partisan comments such as he did last night. The people of this great nation are watching and they are rejecting this stimulus bill because it is not only seriously flawed, it is fiscally insulting---- even to those who voted for him.

It's time to start over Mr. President----and admit you screwed up-----again.

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